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CAPRI hook shot blasting machines



The operating principle of CAPRI hook shot blasting machines is that of the hook on which the pieces are hung (individually or in clusters).
The hook translates and rotates inside the shot blasting machine, exposing the entire surface of the hooked pieces to the flow of abrasive coming from the turbines – patented OMSG – located on the side of the chamber.

They are very versatile systems, suitable for countless types of processes.

In addition to the dimensions of the blasting chamber, these machines are characterized by the hook movement system:

for light pieces (CAPRI M)
Standard capacity of the handling system: 300÷1,000 Kg

A chain moves the hook inside the machine (CAPRI C)
Standard capacity of the handling system: 500÷1,000 Kg

Chain + hoist
Combined system for medium-large pieces (CAPRI CS)
Standard capacity of the handling system: 1,000 Kg

for handling and lifting pieces using hoists (CAPRI H)
Standard capacity from 2,000 to 5,000 Kg (up to 16,000 Kg and more for special creations)
OMSG has more than 80 hook shot blasting machines in its catalogue, and more than double the number of special systems made in according to specific customer requests.
The various models differ in:

  • dimensions of the blasting chamber
  • type and scope of the handling system
  • number and power of turbines applied

Among the various special creations we can mention: shot blasting machines that use the department overhead crane as a handling system, special devices for the foundry sector such as vibrating screens and magnetic separators, etc.;

Particular application areas:

  • For smaller machines: aluminum die casting, magnesium castings, small metal structures, gears, technological treatments;
  • For medium/large machines: forges, foundries, large metal carpentry, gears, heat treatments, electrical transformers, etc.