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VERBOR wire blasting machines



3D animation VERBOR shot blasting machine for coiled wire

The VERBOR series shot blasting systems are particularly suitable for the mechanical pickling of coiled metal wire.
The hanks to be shot blasted are loaded onto two arms rotating on their own axis. They are alternately transported inside the shot blasting chamber, presenting all surfaces to the projections of the grit by the centrifugal turbines. The arm-holder portal, entirely covered in manganese steel sheet, has two support shelves, in which the two gearmotors which control the alternating rotary movement of the arms are placed.

The rotation of the comb arm, present in the grit blasting chamber, is programmed to guarantee the best exposure of the wire rod to the launch of the abrasive by the turbines. The rotation of the external arm can instead be controlled by the operator to facilitate the loading phases and correct arrangement of the hanks.

The diametrically opposite arrangement of the arms allows the simultaneous execution of the blasting operation of the hanks in the chamber, and of loading/unloading them outside the blasting machine.